Steel Fabrication

Bespoke Automotive Steel Fabrication

As a leading automotive steel fabrication company in the United Kingdom, Staffordshire Fabrications understands that every motor vehicle we deal with deserves nothing but the best – and that’s why we provide world-class steel fabrications for your needs. We have worked on large-scale projects for a number of global automotive brands.

Our in-house fabrication team is trained in cutting, drilling, bending, rolling, welding, fabrication, spraying, and sheet metal assembly to name a few. We guarantee consistent quality and the utmost attention to your automotive fabrication projects throughout our processes.

Plasma cutting on metal plate - orange sparks
Welding - large orange sparks flying

In addition to our team of fabricators, we have expert welders, machinists, and project managers on-site at any given time. We’ve covered everything from profiling small components to delivering the finished product!  

Our automotive fabrication specialists use established software such as Shapr3d and various Autodesk software, allowing us to offer expertise on how product design can be improved and manufactured more effectively. We will ensure that our approach is tailor-made to suit your fleet of automotive requirements.

 Automotive modification isn’t always about the look of your vehicle and its aesthetic appeal. Sometimes, modifications make your vehicle safer- we can assist in making that happen.

Vehicle Fabrication Service

We manufacture ferrous and nonferrous products for various types of vehicles with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. Our 20,000-square-foot facility comes with 15 welding bays and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, from CNC plasma cutting equipment to robotic welders.

 We deal with everything from simple flat pattern designs that can be cut by our CNC’s to complex designs that require CAD-CAM software. No matter the project size, your requirements are in safe hands.

Automotive flow graphic

Transport and Transit

Supporting and securing goods in transit is a common concern for many customers. Our professional installation of stillages and other supportive measures ensure that your products can be transported safely and effectively across the globe.

Versatility and Specifics

Our extensive workspaces are equipped to meet client requirements and allow us to produce a wide variety of specialist fabrication projects, such as:

  • Creating large fabrications up to 25 metres
  • Machined components for your vehicles. 

 All projects are treated with the same attention to detail, with the same services offered to any vehicle shape or size.

 Our services are not limited to everyday cars and trucks. We also provide modifications and alterations to your supercars or F1 vehicles. Ask our team about our specialisation options!

 We promise to provide the best possible turnaround and the best quality service on all projects. We understand that vehicles need to be upheld to a certain standard at all times – we will deliver on that promise. 

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