Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrications in the Bridgework Sector are a vital part of what we do here at Staffordshire Fabrications, and we are proud to have been involved in many large projects in this field. We provide bespoke and custom-fabricated steel parts for the bridgework sector, and we are proud of our reputation for quality results and efficient manufacturing methods.

We are often contracted to work on bridge repairs and reinforcement, and we can fabricate bracketing, beams, and other custom steel items for this market. Something incredibly important to our clients is our expertise in EXC3 Classification constructions. This standard refers to steel supporting structures up to strength class S700 – which includes bridges – and insists that a responsible welding coordinator must control the welding.

As with our highly trained operatives, our welders are skilled, experienced, and conscientious, assuring our clients of the best results.

Bridge construction in warehouse

Our Services

As a market leader in the Bridgework Sector, Staffordshire Fabrications come highly recommended by many satisfied clients in the industry. With 30 years of experience in bridgework and many other market sectors, we are proud of our reputation for quality services in steel fabrication.

The bridgework sector is important, and we understand that fine tolerances are vital in this and other markets. We utilise the latest and most accurate CNC machining equipment to ensure the most accurate finish. Staffordshire Fabrications also offers first-class welding services – MIG and TIG – performed by expert welders with unrivalled experience.

Here is more detail on the services provided by Staffordshire Fabrications:

CNC Solutions

Staffordshire Fabrications uses the latest CNC milling, turning, and sawing equipment, which helps us provide the most accurate and fine tolerances that exceed our client’s requirements. Only CNC can provide these results, and Staffordshire Fabrications is regarded as a leading name in steel fabrication using CNC methods.

Welding and Metal Fabrication Services

Welding services are often a major part of steel fabrication in the bridgework sector. We believe our MIG and TIG welders are the best in the business. We keep a close eye on the welding industry as new developments are frequent, and we believe that keeping up with industry changes gives our clients the best service.

Press Braking

With up to 150 tonnes of pressure and lengths of up to 3000mm, our Press Braking equipment is used for various small and large products.


We treat every client individually from concept to production, and the prototype is the final step before the product goes to manufacturing. The client is assured of a quality result with comprehensive testing and inspection before the product goes live.

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If you have a project in mind for the bridgeworks sector, please get in touch, and one of the Staffordshire Fabrications team will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

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