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Could Metal Fabrication Benefit My Company?

Metal fabrication is a special process, important within a number of industries, from commercial startups to large-scale manufacturers and leisure sectors. There are likely plenty of beneficial outcomes to be found from working with or alongside a trustworthy organisation like Staffordshire Fabrications, so why not let us take you through the specific details of metal fabrication and the genuine perks of using such a service in 2023. Start the year correctly with custom fabrication services.

What Is Metal Fabrication?

Generally, when referring to metal fabrication, we’re discussing the set of methods used to shape certain materials, be it steel, iron, copper or titanium. Talking specifically, sheet metal fabrication companies generally use a range of tools and techniques to alter the shape of material, creating new components and custom parts to desired specifications. This can be a fantastic way to attain the exact metal compositions you need – and in good time too.

Varied Sectors

The sectors able to benefit from metal fabrication are certainly varied, with everything from the automotive industry which is reliant on accurate metal production, to the frequent use of huge crafted structures in leisure, marine and defence. Be it structural components, platforms or piling solutions and bridgework, there are almost limitless options, always bespoke and always produced with utmost care.

Perhaps not as conventional as the other sectors mentioned above, metal fabrication can provide a useful service within the amusement field – ever wondered how that huge rollercoaster was formed to the exact specifications required? Or how those large steel pylons are the perfect length to support an automated fairground ride? It may be our handiwork!

The Palpable Benefits

Consulting long-term industry experts will give you the peace of mind that you’re searching for. Place responsibility in the hands of Staffordshire Fabrications, as we always use the very best materials, proven processes and most accurate methods for 100% efficiency. Not only are we proud to cater our production offering to clients across various fields, but sustainability is assured within our 20,000 square foot facility.

The Future of Industry

The future of metal fabrication processes is in safe hands, due largely to reliable manufacturers and environmentally conscious organisations such as ours. We’re proud to say we have been involved in many of the UK’s largest steel projects over recent years alongside clients such as JCB, RCL and Whale. The years ahead promise additional speed, efficiency and expansion – so why not join us on our journey?

At Staffordshire Fabrications, our team work to deliver high-quality and innovative solutions to client needs. Providing fabrications for everything from prototypes to mass production, our clients are at the very centre of our business, so we can ensure we deliver a first-class level of service! Contact us today for further insight.