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How Has CAD Changed The Way We Build?

It’s no secret that computers have revolutionised the way we work. They’ve changed the way we teach, learn, conduct business and work; for or for worse, they’re a cornerstone of modern life. From email communications and cloud storage to simulators and creative software, every industry relies on some form of computer technology.

For those working within the world of design, CAD software is integral. Here at Staffordshire Fabrications, it plays a crucial role in our fabrication services and is worth understanding.

Read on to discover our brief guide to the ways in which CAD has changed the way we build.

Goodbye Manual Drafting

When we say ‘computer-aided design has changed the world’, we really mean it. Technological advancements and computer capabilities have revolutionised the design process across every industry. Gone are the days of laborious pencil work; engineers, architects and designers are now able to develop 2D and 3D digital drawings with incredible accuracy, in a shorter amount of time.

This is not to say that traditional drafting has no merit, but modern techniques offer greater accuracy and flexibility. What’s more, as CAD files can be stored online, it is swift and easy to pass proposals back and forth between designers and clients, meaning it is no longer necessary to gather around a large table with stacks of paper!

Bespoke Solutions

As mentioned briefly above, CAD software provides both designers and clients with a world of possibilities. Mainly, this technology allows products and components to be designed and improved in accordance with individual specifications.

Here at Staffordshire Fabrications, our in-house team of engineers are well-versed in a number of established software, including Shapr3d and AutoCAD. Our capabilities enable us to discuss drawings, offer advice and better designs in line with client requirements.

Time & Precision

Last but not least, the integration of CAD software during the design and fabrication process can improve efficiency and quality. Proper use of this software enables engineers to design products and components from start to finish, fine-tuning and adapting their elements with ease.

This is, of course, good news for clients; complex designs can be finalised, visualised and fabricated in an impressively short amount of time. We take great pride in maximising efficiency without compromising on quality.

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