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How Is Steel Used In The Construction Sector

The wider construction sector relies on a large pool of materials and components, but a select number of these options are used within almost all commercial and domestic tasks. Concrete is an obvious contender, while steel will be the focus of this particular blog. When sourcing your steel, you’re liable to search for a locally trusted and efficient manufacturer – which is where Staffordshire Fabrications come in.

Continue reading, and allow us to explain the various practical uses of steel within the construction sector, from beams to frames.

Structural Sections and Frames

Frames and structural sections make up the skeleton of a building, acting as a foundation to reinforce and build around. Among the leading steel uses within the modern construction industry, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a domestic construction project that doesn’t utilise this sturdy and reliable metal. Often sourced with exact measurements in mind, and requiring maximum accuracy during such composition.

Bespoke Components

Custom components constructed to specifications are ideal when overseeing a unique job which would benefit from custom-manufactured additions. This may pertain to everything from steps, stairs, handrails and platforms to doors, hatches, and smaller components – which require the use of advanced computer software programmes. Bespoke components require fantastic craftsmanship, found in abundance when you work with Staffordshire Fabrications!

Networks of Pipework

Pipework is one utility which is extremely location-specific, requiring measurements to be taken, structures to be assessed and exact materials selected for the task at hand. Steel, copper and aluminium are among the most frequently used metals in construction, therefore you can seamlessly source the perfect custom components for the task at hand. Interested in acquiring a certain length and shape of pipe? Consult our experts!

Many construction jobs require a large amount of specific custom-manufactured pipework, be it for a drainage system, guttering or for underground placement. Looking for a manufacturer to produce a large volume of fabricated pipework? Consult your local Walsall-based supplier, and make the most of bespoke delivery.

Sheet Metal

Specifically constructed sheet metals can be easily fabricated by chipping, soldering, welding, cutting and casting – among other processes. As a result, they are used for various other applications such as roofing, purlins, internal walls, ceilings, cladding, and insulating panels for exterior walls. The intricate specifications of a roof placed upon a set structure means that bespoke construction is usually the route to go down.

At Staffordshire Fabrication, our dedicated in-house team of engineers use a number of established software packages,  such as AutoCAD. This allows us to discuss drawings and offer our expertise on how product design can be improved and manufactured more effectively. Whether you’re looking for a unique steel pipework design or a component manufactured to strict measurements, contact our team.