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Precision Fabrications

At Staffordshire Fabrications, we understand that your project demands precision, durability, and unmatched quality in metal fabrication. Whether you’re in need of bespoke components for industrial machinery, architectural elements, or intricate parts for specialised applications, our team of skilled professionals is here to bring your vision to life. For metal fabrication services, give us a call!

Why Choose Staffordshire Fabrications?

Benefiting from decades of combined expertise, our team of skilled metal fabricators possesses extensive knowledge in handling a variety of metals such as steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. Having accomplished numerous projects spanning diverse industries, we have established a renowned reputation for delivering exceptional craftsmanship that consistently meets the highest industry standards.

Empowered by state-of-the-art technology and machinery, our contemporary facilities empower us to take on projects of varying scales and complexities. Our dedication to investing in the latest equipment guarantees efficiency, precision, and the punctual completion of your metal fabrication endeavours.

Whether your project involves precision laser cutting, CNC machining, welding, or assembly, our comprehensive range of metal fabrication services covers every aspect of metal fabrication. From prototyping to mass production, we have the capabilities to handle it all.

sheet metal fabrication from Staffordshire Fabrications


Within our internal team, seasoned engineers leverage several well-established software tools, including Shapr3d and AutoCAD. This enables us to engage in discussions regarding drawings and provide our insights on enhancing product design for more effective and efficient manufacturing processes.

CNC Turning Services

Our production involves a diverse array of Haas and Doosan Milling and Turning machines dedicated to crafting top-notch components. These machines can work with a variety of materials, both ferrous and non-ferrous and come complete with full certification. Our CNC Turning Capacity is Max Turning Diameter: 376mm. Max Turning Length: 760mm. Through Hole Diameter: 82mm.

CNC Milling

CNC Milling stands out for its exceptional precision, enabling the production of intricate shapes in large quantities without compromising quality—an achievement nearly impossible with manual machining. The level of fabrication services we offer through CNC Milling would be exceedingly challenging to replicate using manual machining. Our Milling Capacity: 1626 x 813 x 762 , X   Y   Z, Worth of Milling Volume.

CNC Gas Profiling

At Staffordshire Fabrications, we feature cutting-edge technology, including a CNC High-Definition Plasma Profiling system with a spacious 12 x 3-meter bed, capable of precision cutting up to 200 mm thick sheet metal. Our CNC steel profiler consistently delivers impeccable finishes. The rapid cutting capability of our CNC steel profiler contributes to a streamlined installation process for fabricated products.

CNC Mitre Sawing

Utilising our CNC double mitre saw, we deliver a swift and efficient cutting service. This advanced sawing technology facilitates precision cutting of two-way 60-degree angles and accommodates materials with a maximum width of 450mm.

Welding & Metal Fabrication Services

We boast a highly skilled team of fabricators and welders specialising in MIG, aluminium, and stainless-steel welding, including expertise in MAG (Process 135). Our welder codes adhere to BSEN 287 standards, supported by an extensive range of Welding Procedure Qualification Records (WPQRs), overseen by an internal Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC) at Level 2, with a retained RWC at Level 4. All applications align with ISO standards, and our welders are qualified to 9606 in Grade S460.

Within our 20,000 sq ft facility, we feature cutting-edge MIG and TIG welding stations. Staffordshire Fabrications remains at the forefront of welding technology, constantly researching and implementing new concepts and developments using state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

Press Braking

At Staffordshire Fabrications, our press braking capabilities encompass lengths of up to 3,000mm with a force of 150 tonnes. This versatile press braking machine accommodates the shaping of short, thin lengths like stair treads, as well as large, heavy plates integral to custom structural engineering projects. It allows for the precision pressing of plates in various positions across a spectrum of materials, enabling the creation of intricate shapes in non-standard sizes and minimizing the need for additional welds during subsequent fabrication.


Beginning with the initial design phase and extending through the prototype stage, our extensive suite of services enables us to support you seamlessly from concept to realization. Our facility is equipped to handle prototype projects, collaborating closely with clients throughout the entire development, fabrication, manufacturing, and testing processes.


Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians ensure accurate and efficient drilling for a wide range of materials. Whether you require standard hole drilling or more complex patterns, we have the expertise and capability to deliver high-quality results.

Section Rolling

 Our on-site tube rolling service allows us to roll tubes to meet customer specifications. We can supply tubes with open ends, butt ends, or fully welded ends as required.

ReBar Bending

Rebar, up to 40mm dia, cut and bent into simple structures or complex helixes, depending on your requirements.

In-House Wet Spraying

This process of wet spraying covers a variety of paint finishes and is designed to improve the life span and visual appeal of components, structures, and fabrications.

Start Your Projects off with confidence! Order your fabricated parts from Staffordshire Fabrications for quality products and high-performance metalworks. Get metal fabrication services that you can rely upon for timely and efficient material.

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