Oil, Gas,
and Energy
Steel Fabrication

The UK’s Oil, Gas, and Energy sector is one of the biggest markets for our steel fabrication services. At Staffordshire Fabrications, we work with many clients in different areas of the energy sector to design and fabricate various items, from small to large. 

We have many years of experience in this and other markets, and we fully understand the importance of accuracy and ensuring safety in this area. Our bespoke products are produced using the latest CNC milling and turning equipment, the most accurate machining method for fabricating steel.

Our projects have seen us provide everything from small items such as custom flanges to platforms, structural skids, and many essential items that allow the smooth and safe transport of gas and oil. Our expertise in the Energy sector and our carefully picked and highly skilled operatives allow us to meet the industry’s exacting standards and surpass them.

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Our Services

With 30 years of experience in the Oil, Gas and Energy sector, we have been involved in designing and fabricating bespoke flanges, specialist pipework and adapters, and many more items that ensure safe gas carriage and oil across great distances. We are proud to play a part in such an important industry and continue to provide various services to many clients.

Here is a full list of the services provided by Staffordshire Fabrications:

CNC Solutions

CNC machining and turning is an important part of the process when fabricating bespoke parts for the Energy Industry. Safety is vital in this sector, and the amazingly fine tolerances that CNC machining and turning provide are essential to ensuring a high standard of safety and quality is always met. Our highly experienced CNC operators have the latest and most effective machinery to provide the best results.

Welding and Metal Fabrication Services

Bespoke fittings and attachments, for example, may require expert welding. Staffordshire Fabrications has a team of highly trained welders who use the latest MIG and TIG equipment in dedicated welding stations.

Press Braking

Staffordshire Fabrications provides extensive Press Braking services with equipment capable of up to 3000mm lengths and 150 tonnes of pressure.


Once your design is finalised and signed off, we will proceed with the initial prototype fabrication. This in-house service includes a full inspection and extensive testing to ensure the products our clients receive are of the industry’s highest quality and safety standards.

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If you have a project in mind for the Oil, Gas, and Energy sector, please get in touch, and one of the Staffordshire Fabrications team will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

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