Press Braking

At Staffordshire Fabrications, we understand the importance of versatility and precision in metalworking. That’s why we’re proud to operate a top-of-the-line press brake, capable of tackling a wide range of projects, from intricate details to large-scale structural components. For bespoke press braking, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Press Braking Capabilities

Our press brake boasts an impressive capacity, allowing us to press metal lengths of up to 3,000mm (nearly 10 feet). This extensive reach makes it ideal for projects requiring long, uninterrupted bends, perfect for applications like architectural cladding or custom roof panels. The machine’s formidable 150-tonne pressing force ensures we can handle even the most demanding materials and thicknesses. Whether you need us to bend thin sheets for delicate stair treads or thick plates for structural beams, our press brake has the power to deliver clean and accurate results. 

Hydraulic press with flat sheet metal
press braking services at Staffordshire Fabrications

Precision Metal Bending

We are committed to providing our clients with advanced metal fabrication solutions with our press braking technology. 

Unlike some bending methods, press braking is incredibly adaptable. With various punch and die combinations, you can achieve a wide range of bends, from simple angles to complex shapes like channels, U-profiles, and even customised forms. This versatility allows for the creation of a vast array of metal components. Once the tooling is configured for a specific bend, the press brake can consistently replicate that bend with incredible accuracy. This repeatability ensures all parts within a production batch are identical, crucial for maintaining product quality and assembly ease.

Press Braking Solutions

The true potential of our press braking lies in its ability to create complex shapes.  We can press a single plate in multiple stages and positions, allowing for the fabrication of unique, non-standard components. This capability eliminates the need for multiple smaller pieces and excessive welding, resulting in:

Streamlined Fabrication

By creating intricate shapes in single-press brake operations, we significantly reduce the overall fabrication time and cost associated with complex projects.

Enhanced Strength

 Fewer welds translate to a stronger final product. This is especially crucial for structural components that require exceptional load-bearing capacity.

Improved Aesthetics

Press brake-formed shapes often offer a cleaner and more visually appealing finish compared to welded assemblies.

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Hydraulic press with flat sheet metal

Why Choose Staffordshire Fabrications For Press Braking

We go beyond simple bends, utilising our expertise to create complex shapes in single press brake operations. This translates to reduced fabrication time, stronger welds, and a cleaner aesthetic for your project. Our skilled operators and dedication to precision ensure every bend meets your exact specifications. Choose Staffordshire Fabrications for press braking that delivers efficiency, accuracy, and unmatched quality.

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