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Superlatch - A Game Changer For Metal Fabrication

Traditionally installing steel piles can be a dangerous and lengthy process, with the metal cages which form the base of the concrete piles usually proving the most challenging. This all comes down to the installation process of the metal cages. To ensure the cage runs as deep as the borehole, multiple metal cages must be joined while in suspension. Aside from this technique being somewhat inefficient, it is also incredibly dangerous as those on-site must manually join the cages by hand while the cages are suspended in the air.

Superlatch attempts to solve these issues as the technology completely removes the need for any physical interaction with the cages. In essence, Superlatch is a reinforced metal hook which is fastened to the one end of a piling cage as the cage is built off-site. Therefore, when the cage is lowered to join another, the two automatically click into each other. This forms a powerful bond between the two cages, and they can then be lowered into the borehole.

So, what are the benefits of Superlatch?


One of the most obvious benefits of Superlatch is the drastic time saving that can be achieved. Manually joining piling cages while the cage suspends over the borehole is a time-consuming process. It’s hardly surprising, really, considering the number of safety precautions that should be adhered to. However, seeing as the Superlatch solution is fastened to a piling cage during its production, this rapidly reduces the installation time on site.


Fastening a piling cage by hand on a construction site can be one of the most dangerous tasks of a building project. After all, the metal cage is suspended in the air and is therefore susceptible to the elements. What’s more, the process means leaving a very intricate task open to human error. Superlatch solves both safety concerns as the cages are joined quickly, without human interaction.

Superlatch is so successful that it has started to feature in the building process of some extremely high-profile projects. For example, the new Battersea Power Station redevelopment famously used the latest technology when construction began on the foundation reinforcements. The contractors highly praised the technology for saving time and money while protecting their staff.

If Superlatch sounds like something you need on your construction project, then Staffordshire Fabrications should be your first choice. Our staff would be happy to talk you through the new system and advise on which variation and size would suit your project best. So, contact us today to find out more!